Rovio's failed games before 'Angry Birds'

Published 1219 GMT (2019 HKT) June 3, 2012
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"Bounce Evolution" let phone users roll a ball through 3-D environments. Rovio made 51 games before "Angry Birds." From youtube/rovio
In Totomi, players drop animals -- zebras, fish and others -- on top of each other to form totem poles. Rovio, based in Finland, nearly went broke before "Angry Birds" in 2009. From youtube/rovio
With a layout that kind of resembles the original "Zelda," "Paid to Kill" lets players complete missions as a bounty hunger named Ramon Spectre. From youtube/rovio
Here's how Rovio describes "Wolf Moon": "Detective Janet Cain is bitten by a werewolf and has to flee into the howling wilderness." From youtube/rovio
"War Diary" is a series of "action-strategy games" in which players build up armies and fight against each other. From youtube/rovio
Rovio says this puzzle game, "Darkest Fear," creates "an atmosphere of intense horror that test(s) the nerves of even the most jaded player." From youtube/rovio
Rovio's description of "Cyber Blood": "Explore urban wastelands, boost your character with special weapons and modules in this thrilling action game." from youtube/rovio
"Guide the Bounce ball through different surreal worlds, and finally free the world of Pongpingy from the rule of the evil Hypnotoid," Rovio says of "Boing Voyage." From youtube/rovio