Death suspect posts video before arrest
03:19 - Source: CNN

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'We come to take you home now,' Jun Lin's mother says

Police believe porn actor Luka Rocco Magnotta killed Lin and dismembered him

Lin's family made the painful journey from China to Montreal

Magnotta was arrested in Berlin and will be extradited to Canada

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The distraught family of a university student allegedly killed and dismembered by a Canadian porn actor have journeyed from their village in China to Montreal, where the grisly act took place.

The family of Jun Lin, 33, met with investigators Wednesday, Montreal police told CNN affiliate CTV.

Yan Shi, the head of the Chinese student association at Concordia University, where Lin was studying, told CTV that Lin’s mother was extremely emotional and could not get through her words without constant tears.

“We come to take you home now,” she said.

In the grisliest Montreal crime in years, police believe porn actor Luka Rocco Magnotta killed and dismembered Lin and posted a 10-minute video of it online. Montreal police Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere said the video shows Magnotta engaged in sexual acts involving body parts and also included evidence of cannibalism.

The sick fascination with a death video

Police believe Magnotta sent Lin’s body parts by mail to Ottawa and Vancouver. Magnotta then fled Montreal for Europe.

Police arrested Magnotta in Berlin on Monday after he was spotted in an Internet cafe. He will be extradited to Canada to face first-degree murder charges.

Suspect and victim knew each other, though has not defined the nature of their relationship.

Lin’s family hailed from a village in China and did not have much money, Lafreniere said. Montrealers have stepped up to help them in their days of absolute grief.

“I am proud of that,” Lafreniere said.

Magnotta described himself as ‘a people person’

At a corner convenience store where Lin worked, a makeshift memorial went up with notes of condolences.

Kankan Huang, Lin’s boss at the store, said he felt terrible for the family.

“If they need anything, I can do my best,” he told CTV.

All along, as gruesome details of this case have surfaced, Lafreniere has taken care with reporters to be mindful of the family’s feelings and to show respect.

Police probe possible Magnotta link to Hollywood killing

Parts of Lin’s body are still missing, including his head.

“We have been working extremely hard to find all the body parts with respect to the family,” Lafreniere said.

Lin’s left hand and foot were mailed to the headquarters of Canada’s Conservative and Liberal parties in Ottawa. His right hand and foot showed up this week at two Vancouver schools.

Lafreniere told Vancouver radio station CKNW that Magnotta had spent time in Vancounver.

“Was it just passing by, or been there for a long time. We don’t know,” he said. “But we know he used to be in Vancouver, at least.”

Montreal police are investigating a website that hosted Magnotta’s chilling 10-minute video of Lin’s murder. The site could face criminal charges for publishing obscene material.

Magnotta’s name made headlines last week but he had already left disturbing trail in cyberspace.

Lafreniere said investigators plan to look into accusations by online animal rights activists that Magnotta killed kittens by suffocation or drowning and videotaped himself doing it.

There are also rumored links between the suspect and notorious killer Karla Homolka, arrested in 1993 for the rapes and murders of three Ontario girls, including her own sister. As part of a plea bargain, Homolka served 12 years in prison and was released a few years ago.

So far, Lafreniere said investigators have no evidence linking Magnotta to other crimes. But he remains the sole suspect in Lin’s killing.

“Right now, we got no reason to believe there could be someone else involved in this horrible crime,” Lafreniere said.

CNN’s Moni Basu and Paula Newton contributed to this report.