Politician assaults female rivals on TV
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Arrest warrant issued for Greek politician after turmoil on morning talk show

Ilias Kasidiaris was seen throwing water, slapping female politicians on TV

They were on talk show to discuss upcoming elections

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The Greek prosecutor’s office issued a warrant Thursday for the arrest of a well-known politician videotaped throwing a glass of water at a colleague and slapping another.

Ilias Kasidiaris of Greece’s far-right party Golden Dawn caused a national uproar with his actions during a popular morning television talk show. Police are looking for Kasidiaris, also the party’s spokesman, but no arrest has been reported.

Kasidiaris and other candidates appeared on ANT1 TV to discuss the June 17 elections.

Rena Dourou of the Coalition of the Radical Left, also known as Syriza, stated that Kasidiaris’ party would take Greece back 500 years, video shows. Kasidiaris is then seen tossing the water glass. But things did not end there.

When a candidate from the Communist Party of Greece, Liana Kanelli, stood and waved a newspaper toward Kasidiaris and told him to get out, things got worse. Kasidiaris responded by slapping Kanelli three times, ANT1 TV’s video shows.

Kanelli is a well-known former journalist and was a deputy in the Communist Party for many years.

Kasidiaris was among the members of his party elected to parliament on May 6.

It is unclear what charges he will face.

Teo Kermeliotis contributed to this story.