Rebels with a cause: Botswana's heavy metal heads

'No Need for Mercy with a Fist Full of Hate,' 2010.
"There's a strong sense of camaraderie amongst them. That's the first thing you'll notice about them as an outsider coming in. They've got a very strong bond and friendship with each other," Marshall said of the heavy metal scene in Botswana.

Story highlights

  • Leather, spikes and cowboy hats: introducing Botswana's metal heads
  • Unlike Western head bangers, Botswana fans hark back to retro 1970s British style
  • Rather than 'Hell's Angels,' rockers see themselves as 'guardian angels'
  • President Ian Khama is said to be a heavy metal fan

Gaborone, Botswana (CNN)While Botswana is perhaps best known for its wildlife reserves, a burgeoning counter-culture is painting a very different image of the small south African country.

Clad in leather, adorned in spikes and topped off with cowboy hats, these are Botswana's heavy metal heads.
CNN got up close to the hardcore rockers and discovered a passionate retro scene proudly celebrating its African heritage.
    While Western head bangers are most commonly associated with sneakers and band t-shirts, Botswana's fans have carved a unique image reminiscent of the 1970s New Wave British heavy metal scene.
      Photographer Frank Marshall captured the rockers in all their Hell's Angels-style glory as part o