Stolen Salvador Dali painting returned from abroad

Salvador Dali painted "Cartel de Don Juan Tenorio" in 1949. It was stolen earlier this month from a New York gallery.

Story highlights

  • The "Cartel de Don Juan Tenorio" painting is valued at $150,000
  • New York police: "The gallery believes it to be the original painting "
  • Owner: Conservators have yet to examine the painting, sent from Greece
  • Police do not have any suspects in the theft
A Salvador Dali painting stolen from a Manhattan art gallery last week has been returned to the United States, New York police said.
The 1949 painting "Cartel de Don Juan Tenorio" was taken June 19 from the Venus Over Manhattan gallery by a man posing as a potential customer, according to a police statement. It is valued at $150,000.
On Friday, New York police picked up the painting at customs and returned the artwork to the gallery, Lt. John Grimpel said.
"The gallery believes it to be the original painting," Grimpel said. He added that the piece appeared to be in good shape, though it was returned without its frame.
Adam Lindemann, owner of the artwork, confirmed receipt of the painting from overseas.
"We've received the work, sent to us from Greece," Lindemann said. "We have not had our conservators examine it yet."
Police do not have any suspects in the case, Grimpel said.
The thief is believed to have removed the painting from its mount before placing it in a shopping bag and leaving.
Surveillance video shows a thin, balding man walking out of the gallery with the bag in hand.