Military: Shelling from Syria hits Lebanon

A Syrian child holds an opposition flag as refugees chant slogans at a refugee camp in Hatay, on July 6, 2012.

Story highlights

  • Lebanon's army says it has boosted its forces in the area
  • The victims are Syrian refugees, a Lebanese news agency says
  • They are all from the same family, according to the Lebanese Red Cross
Shells fired during clashes within Syria landed in a Lebanese town, killing one person and injuring three, Lebanon's army said Saturday.
The shells hit the border town of Amayer, in Lebanon's Wady Khaled region, at 2 a.m. local time, the army's information directorate said in a statement.
Lebanon's National News Agency reported that two people were killed and two injured when two rocket-propelled grenades were fired from Syria.
The victims were Syrian refugees, the news agency said.
The Lebanese Red Cross also issued conflicting numbers, saying one person was killed and four injured.
The victims were all from the same family and were transported to a hospital, said George Kettaneh, a spokesman for the Red Cross.
The fatality was a young girl, he said.
The Lebanese army said military forces in the area had been boosted.
"The army units deployed in the region have been enhanced and put on high alert, necessary field measures have been taken to treat any ... violations by any side in the appropriate measures," the statement said.