One chimp shot, another tranquilized in Las Vegas

Chimp killed after escaping Vegas home
Chimp killed after escaping Vegas home


    Chimp killed after escaping Vegas home


Chimp killed after escaping Vegas home 01:29

Story highlights

  • Chimps escaped from home in the area, police say
  • Authorities are investigating whether the owner was licensed to keep chimps
  • Police fatally shoot one chimp, tranquilize the other
Las Vegas Metro Police received an unusual call Thursday morning -- two chimpanzees were loose and attacking cars in the northwest part of the city.
Police were forced to fatally shoot one chimp that aggressively approached officers and bystanders, said Officer Laura Meltzer.
The second animal was tranquilized and secured by animal control officers, she said.
The chimps escaped from a home in the area where they were subdued, said Bill Cassell, a spokesman for Las Vegas Metro Police.
The owners have a permit to house the animals, said Clark County spokesman Dan Kulin.
The chimp that was tranquilized has been returned to the owners and is being housed in a different, more secure cage than before, Kulin said.