Photos: Competing in the Hipster Olympics

Updated 1032 GMT (1832 HKT) July 22, 2012
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A member of the winning team, Jam FM, holds the "Golden Club Mate" trophy after winning the second annual Hipster Olympics on Saturday, July 21, in Berlin. The games include horn-rimmed-glasses throwing, a vinyl- record-spinning contest, cloth tote sack races and glitter tossing. Click through the gallery to see the event. Getty Images
Hipster Olympics attendees dance to the music at the second annual event. Getty Images
Teams compete in the "Skinny Jeans Tug-O-War" event on Saturday. Getty Images
A man kicks a beach ball during the festivities. Getty Images
A deejay plays music to enterain the crowd on Saturday. Getty Images
A woman attending the Hipster Olympics 2012 holds her finger to her face, displaying a drawn-on "ironic mustache" Saturday, July 21. Getty Images
Contestants compete Saturday in the vinyl-record-spinning contest. Competitors must run around the record player without taking their finger off the record. Getty Images
Contenders suck candy out of bubble tea during the second annual Olympics. Getty Images
An attendee gets her face painted. Getty Images
Participants sign up for the competition before the games. Getty Images
An entrant hops forward during the cloth tote sack race. Getty Images
A man jumps over sticks that are laid across empty Club Mate crates to pass confetti to another participant. Getty Images
A girl wearing blue tights sits down during the matches. Getty Images
A girl poses for her friend while sitting on the grass. Getty Images
A man gets his face decorated with glittery paint. Getty Images
A teammate helps prepare a contestant for the "make your own ironic Hipster mustache" competition. Getty Images
A woman holds a pair of glasses at the event. Getty Images
A judge gives a "10" to a contestant who made his own mustache. Getty Images
Contestants jump in the cloth tote sacks as they race. Getty Images
An attendant wearing a "Hipster Olympiade" T-shirt checks his phone. Getty Images