Seven paths to an Electoral College tie

Updated 1923 GMT (0323 HKT) August 31, 2012
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Click through seven scenarios that could yield a tie in the Electoral College that would make the disputed 2000 election look tame by comparison. 1) Obama takes one vote in Nebraska: Obama wins Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, and a single electoral vote from the 2nd Congressional District of Nebraska, which awards its electoral votes by congressional districts; Romney wins New Hampshire, Virginia, Florida and Ohio.
Straight battleground split: Obama wins Virginia and Colorado; Romney wins New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, and Nevada.
Romney takes Wisconsin from Obama's column: Obama wins Virginia, Iowa, Colorado, and New Hampshire; Romney takes blue-leaning Wisconsin and battlegrounds of Ohio, Florida, and Nevada.
The North-Carolina-Wisconsin path: Obama wins red-leaning North Carolina, a single electoral vote from Nebraska's 2nd Congressional District, and battlegrounds of Iowa, Nevada, and New Hampshire; Romney takes Wisconsin from Democrats and battlegrounds of Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, and Florida.
Romney takes Wisconsin: Obama wins Virginia, New Hampshire, Colorado, and Nevada; Romney wins Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, and Florida.
Romney takes Pennsylvania: Obama wins Florida, Colorado, and New Hampshire: Romney takes blue-leaning Pennsylvania and battlegrounds of Ohio, Iowa, Virginia, and Nevada.
Obama wins Virginia, Florida, Colorado and a single electoral vote from Nebraska's 2nd Congressional District. Romney takes Pennsylvania and Wisconsin from Obama's column and battlegrounds of New Hampshire, Iowa, Ohio, and Nevada.