East London's street art

Updated 1351 GMT (2151 HKT) August 8, 2012
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East London is one of the best places to see street art in the world, and If there's one artist who sums up East London street art right now, it is Stik, according to Richard Howard-Griffin.
Hackney Wick is a run-down area on the fringes of the Olympic Park. Many of its old warehouse and factory buildings are now used as studio space by artists, and the area has a vibrant and colorful street art scene. This mural is a collaboration between artists Sweet Toof and Paul Insect in Stour Road. Dylan Reynolds/CNN
There are a number of epic Burning Candy Crew murals along the canal paths around Hackney Wick. This one features four of BC Crew -- Cyclops, Gold Peg, Mighty Mo and Sweet Toof. Olympic Authorities have closed the paths for the duration of the Olympics, so seeing them will be a challenge. Dylan Reynolds/ CNN
A glittering street sculpture from Cityzen Kane on the derelict Lord Napier pub in Hackney Wick. Many local street artists and graffiti writers had put work up here over the years but it was whitewashed ahead of the Olympics. STREET ART LONDON
Although Hackney Wick borders the Olympic park, many residents and artists say they are skeptical about the long-term benefits to the area. Dylan Reynolds/CNN
Hackney Wick rooftops. Sweet Toof and Paul insect can be seen in the foreground. Sweet Toof and Cylops in the distance. Paul Insect is most famous for his 2007 exhibition "Bullion," which was snapped up by Damien Hirst before it opened. Street Art London
Ben Slow is a portrait artist whose work can be found on many East London streets, including this one on Stour Road, Hackney Wick. Street Art London
French street artist C215 has degrees in history and art. His multi-layered stencils have graced walls, doors and bins from London to New York, Morocco to Barcelona. This portrait of his daughter survives on Roach Road in Hackney Wick. Street Art London
This collaborative piece between Stik, Milo Tchais and Prozak in Hackney Wick is now covered up by a hospitality tent.
Street Art London
Areas of Shoreditch, Brick Lane, Hackney Road, Broadway Market and Dalston feature work from artists from all over the world - including a few Olympics-inspired pieces. Here is a work by Ronzo. Street Art London
These murals, called "The Walls Have Ears," were painted by Bread Collective, working with the community of Hackney Wick. The names in the murals were taken from the area's industrial past. Dylan Reynolds/CNN
A collaboration between Burning Candy Crew artists Cept, Tek33, Mighty Mo, Gold Peg, Sweet Toof and Cyclops directly opposite the Olympic stadium in Hackney Wick. Parts of the work have since been removed as the buildings are converted into cafes and bars. Dylan Reynolds/CNN
RUN is considered one of the best street artists in London. He started out in Italy painting trains, lorries and walls before becoming immersed in the street art scene. Now working with brushes in a fine art style, he mainly paints hands and faces with intricate details. RUN has painted many pieces in Hackney Wick, some of which remain today. Street Art London
Sweet Toof's trademark teeth can be seen snarling from rooftops across Hackney Wick. Recently he has been collaborating with Paul Insect. Street Art London
The former factories and warehouses In Hackney Wick, now popular with artists, are also being eyed by property developers. Dylan Reynolds/CNN
The area around Shoreditch and Brick Lane has become popular with street artists from around the world. Here is David Walker putting up a piece just off Brick Lane. STREET ART LONDON
A work by street artist ROA in Chance Street, Shoreditch. STREET ART LONDON
Phlegm is described by Richard Howard-Griffin as "one of the most exciting artists on the global street art scene at present, let alone London." Not all of his works in Hackney Wick survive. Street Art London
Mobstr works with stencilled letters. This piece in Hackney Wick, now removed, featured a sentence that curved around a wall reading: "Don't you hate in when people just go on and on and on and on ..." Street Art London
Coca-Cola commissioned an agency to paint an Olympics-inspired mural over the original work by Sweet Toof, NEMO, Sickboy and Mighty Mo seen in this image. Shortly after it was finished, the mural was defaced. Street Art London
Howard-Griffin describes a "super-charged wave of gentrification that has crashed around Hackney Wick in anticipation of an Olympic property boom." Street Art London