NYC doctor accused of filming up woman's skirt

Story highlights

  • Doctor accused of using "pen" camera to record video up a woman's skirt
  • Urologist Adam Levinson, 39, charged with unlawful surveillance
  • Bail set at $5,000 cash, and he could get four years in prison, prosecutors said
  • Levinson's attorney could not be reached for comment
A doctor at a top New York hospital is accused of using a small "pen" camera clipped to a newspaper to record video up a woman's skirt on a Manhattan subway line, authorities said Friday.
Urologist Adam Levinson, 39, has been charged with unlawful surveillance in the second degree after being arraigned Thursday.
His bail was set at $5,000 cash, and he could get up to four years in prison, prosecutors said.
"No, this cannot be happening right in front of my face," said Sheldon Birthwright, 46, who said he witnessed the transgression on a southbound 4 train.
"He was holding the paper, moving his hand very slightly around as a woman was standing in front of him and looking around like he was trying to see if anybody was watching," he added. "Every time she would move, he would move."
Birthwright, a former Transportation Security Administration employee, followed Levinson off the train when it stopped at the 14th Street Station at Union Square.
He said he followed Levinson, who was following another woman up a flight of stairs to another platform, and then informed police.
Authorities say the pen camera's memory revealed multiple images of a woman.
Levinson works at Manhattan's Mount Sinai Medical Center, which suspended him as authorities investigate and as the hospital conducts its own investigation, according to hospital spokesman Ian Michaels.
Levinson's attorney, Eugene B. Nathanson, could not be reached for comment.
The next court date is set for October 15.