Olympics 2012: Memorable moments

Published 1427 GMT (2227 HKT) August 12, 2012
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For Ian Thorpe, watching the reaction from Bert Le Clos after his son beat Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian ever, was "one of those moments that you can't help but love." Thorpe says: "This big, burly South African man -- who looked quite frightening -- crying, tears rolling down his face, screaming at the camera: "It's my beautiful boy." AFP/Getty Images
While many Olympians would choose the moment they won a medal, swimmer Nathan Adrian loved being part of the team that help fellow U.S. athlete Phelps get his final career gold: "My most memorable was going to be finishing up the relay with Michael that last night. The last swim of the meet, the last one of Michael's career. It's pretty fun to be a part of that." AFP/Getty Images
"For me the Olympics always provides an opportunity for people who we expect to win... and the athletes who come onto the stage that no one expects," says Max Seigal. "Galen Rupp's performance in the 10,000 meters was one of those memories." Galen Rupp would finish hot on the heels of his friend and training partner, Team GB's Mohamed Farah, pictured here looking back at the U.S. athlete coming in second. AFP/Getty Images
For Russian athlete Elena Isinbaeva, her most memorable Olympic moment was a personal one. She reflects on her women's pole vault win: "Of course I will remember my bronze medal from the London Olympic Games. It was hard to win this medal, it was really hard." AFP/Getty Images
Linford Christie's highlight is probably a fan favorite too: "My most memorable moment, of course, is when Usain Bolt came out to get his medal after the 100m, and the entire place just lit up," he says. "The roar of the crowd was ear-piercing. It was just wonderful, I was really glad I was there." AFP/Getty Images
U.S. gymnast Ali Raisman was proud of her gymnastics perfomance during the London Games. While she received a bronze medal in artistic gymnastics, seen here, she also won in other events. "I guess winning two gold medals and then that really exciting feeling of getting the bronze medal, like seeing that up on the score board was really cool," she gushed to CNN. AFP/Getty Images
For Dan O'Brien, former U.S. American decathlete, Great Britain's Mo Farah winning the men's 10,000m is his most memorable moment of London 2012. "Mo Farah coming around the turn and Galen Rupp right on his heels. It brought me to my feet... It got me up on my feet and I was screaming." Getty Images
Ricky Berens' olympic moment was getting his gold with U.S. swimmers Ryan Lochte, Conor Dwyer and Michael Phelps for the 4 x 200-meter freestyle relay. Here Lochte, Dwyer and Berens react to their win. AFP/Getty Images