Tips from a marriage proposal expert

Josh Levs

Story highlights

  • Josh Levs says a marriage proposal should reflect the personality of the couple
  • A public proposal should be well-thought-out and not for the benefit of observers
  • Public or private, a proposal should be an expression of love and commitment
  • Your proposal is not a performance, but you should be confident enough to seal the deal
When preparing to propose marriage, create a moment that's right for her and that accurately reflects -- in a beautiful, emotional and thoughtful way -- what's special about you. If you're a great couple, those two things won't conflict. She loves you, so she'll love you expressing who you are in a moment that's totally focused on her.
One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that there should be a crowd of strangers as onlookers. For some women, that's just right. But for most, it isn't.
It's fine for women to drop hints to their boyfriends about the general kind of proposal they would want, i.e., how public or not. Do not dictate the specifics, and remember it's not just about you; it's about him expressing himself in a beautiful, fragile moment of bravery and humility that's all about love. Celebrate him as much as he's celebrating you.
Setting the scene