Nyad progressing in historic swim attempt: ‘No stopping her now’

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NEW: Diana Nyad says she is conserving her energy

NEW: She has made it nearly 28 statute miles

Nyad was stung by jellyfish on her lips, forehead, hands, and neck

"Unfriendly" waters operated against her overnight

Havana, Cuba CNN  — 

Diana Nyad is making good progress in her latest attempt to swim to Florida from Cuba, her crew said Sunday.

“There’s no stopping her now,” the crew said on her blog.

After jumping into the waters off Havana on Saturday afternoon – a day earlier than originally planned – Nyad had swum nearly 28 statute miles as of Sunday evening, putting in 50 strokes a minute, her blog reported.

The full distance to Key West, Florida, is 103 miles, a trip expected to take Nyad 60 hours if the 62-year-old is successful in her attempt – her fourth.

“I feel I have a lot more energy but I’m conserving,” she said, according to a message posted on her official Twitter feed.

Nyad was reported to be “comfortable” and “confident” after a difficult first night in the water.

Nyad back in water for Cuba-Florida swim attempt

She was stung by jellyfish on her lips, forehead, hands, and neck. Some stings were from box jellyfish, her blog said.