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Updated 1819 GMT (0219 HKT) October 4, 2012
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As part of our Great Buildings special, CNN iReport asked you to send in photos and video of your favorite buildings. Here are a selection of the best. John McGraw took this stunning picture of San Francisco's Painted Ladies. "To see the city of San Francisco waking up in the background was an amazing site," McGraw said. John McGraw
As iReporter Gabriel Dominise points out, the Shard in London is the tallest building in western Europe. "I love the different combination of lights with the dark blue sky in the background," Dominise says. Gabriel Dominise III
The Castle of the Teutonic Knights in Poland is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a "must see" says iReporter Roberta Cucchiaro. "The Castle was the home of the Teutonic Knights and a pure Medieval beauty! A pearl in Poland, in Europe and in the world," she says. Roberta Cucchiaro
The Monument of Santiago in the Dominican Republic has become the main symbol of the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, says Misael Rincon. "You could say it's one of the sources that attract more tourists from around the world and the country ..." Misael Rincon
Designed by Frank Gehry, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles is a building iReporter Marie Sager enjoys visiting. "It's a photographers delight," she says. "So many angles to capture." Marie Sager
Famous for playing a starring role in the 1994 film, "The Shawshank Redemption," Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio was built between 1886 and 1910. "I'm not an architect," says iReporter Justin Taylor, "but I don't believe you need to be in order to appreciate this historic structure." Justin Lee Taylor
John McGraw's image of Grand Central Station, New York was one of several he sent in to iReport. Each photo means something special, he says, because of the memories that go along with each trip. "The thought of the millions of people that go through that building, and the history of it, is just spectacular," he said. Courtesy John McGraw
Wilson A. Neto says he was in awe when he saw the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan. "There were several moats leading to the main entrance with large trees manicured to look like bonsai trees," he says. "Everyone was just admiring it and taking it all in." Courtesy Wilson A. Neto
The Absolute Towers designed by Ma Yansong's MAD Studio with Burka Architects in the city of Mississauga in the western part of Greater Toronto. Captured by iReporter Sobhana Venkatesan, the structure has been dubbed the "Marilyn Monroe Towers" on account of their curvaceous nature. "[The building] arouses curiosity and makes us wonder what aspect we admired at first gaze, art form or architecture," says Venkatesan. Courtesy Sobhana Venkatesan
Diego Soto Madrinan commends architect Rogelio Salmona for his design for the Residencias El Parque in Bogota, Colombia. "I love the amazing geometry with the simple use of brick for this building," Madrinan says. Courtesy of Diego Soto madrinan
Gabriel Dominise III sent in this picture of the Olympic Park in London. "I love this building because its design is very unique and the construction is done in an environment-friendly way. It's surrounded by waterways and access to it is by five bridges. It's construction applied the principles of 'reduce, reuse and recycle,'" Dominise said. Courtesy Gabriel Dominise III
This image of the Supreme Court in Singapore was taken by iReporter Siddhesh Scindia. He says the cityscape in Singapore is "beautiful, clean" and "well organized." Courtesy of Siddhesh Scindia
"I love the architectural details of old buildings in New York City," says Miriam Cintron. "There's a gothic look to many of them and the little balconies come as a surprise when you look up. To me, the buildings have a lot more personality and character than the modern, glass enclosed boxes that are the fashion today." Courtesy of Miriam Cintron
Doug Simonton sent in several images of his favorite buildings taken over the past two years including this picture of Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal. He says most of the images he took are of buildings that "either represent key moments in history or have an incredible beauty." Courtesy Doug Simonton
Thomas Neudenberger took this picture the New York skyline on June 18th, 2012 after "a wonderful day in the city" he says. "My wife and I spent the same day in June 2001 and finished it up with a trip to the New Jersey shore line. My wife didn't understand, why we took the boat trip until I told her to turn around and she saw the original World Trade Center in the sunset. We had a couple drinks and looked at the city for hours." Courtesy of Thomas Neudenberger
Another stunning image from John McGraw. Will Mitt Romney or Barack Obama be sworn in on the steps of Capitol Hill, Washington DC (pictured) come January 20 2013? John McGraw