I'm Voting: How should U.S. handle key foreign policy issues?

Story highlights

  • CNN posed questions for readers via a Facebook app
  • Click through the gallery to see responses to questions about foreign policy
  • New questions will be posted on the app through Election Day
Syria. Iran. Afghanistan. The list of foreign policy challenges facing the next president of the United States is long and daunting.
CNN is posing a series of questions about how potential voters would like to see the president approach these issues, as part of a partnership with Facebook aimed at increasing voter engagement ahead of of the 2012 presidential election.
Here's how it works: CNN issues a question via a Facebook app, which requires users first to declare their intention to vote and then invites them to answer a series of multiple choice questions about issues in the election. As people answer, they can share answers with their friends and also see how their responses compare with others on Facebook.
Click through the gallery for a look at the responses to the first set of foreign policy questions, broken down by demographic groupings gleaned from the respondents' Facebook profiles.
It's important to note -- perhaps in part because the questions were asked of an online audience, and unlike a scientific poll were open to anyone who chooses to respond -- that a relatively large percentage of respondents in the Facebook surveys identified themselves as Democrats. The breakdown in the app (as of September 17) is 54% Democrat, 21% Republican and 25% Independent. For context, in a 2008 national exit poll the breakdown looked like this: 39% Democrat, 32% Republican and 29% Independent. In 2010 it was 35% Democrat, 35% Republican and 29% Independent.
If you'd like to participate, visit the app, where we'll be posting new questions through Election Day.
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