Space shuttle Endeavour’s final touchdown

Share photos of shuttle Endeavour as it flies from Florida to California.

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NEW: Space Shuttle Endeavour has landed at Los Angeles Int'l Airport

NEW: It's the fourth and final shuttle to be retired

The final space shuttle to take to the skies lifted off for the final time Friday morning

The retired shuttle is headed toward a museum in Los Angeles

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On Friday, Endeavour, atop a modified jumbo jet, will do several flyovers in Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles – weather permitting.

A crowd 5,000-strong, according to the Los Angeles County office of emergency management, gathered on a bluff overlooking the airport to watch Endeavour’s low-altitude flyover and final touchdown.

Daniela Derderian brought her son Michael, 7, and her daughter, Angela, 5, to the landing.

“It’s a piece of history. It’s the closing of an era,” she said. “I remember when the Columbia exploded. This is like the end of an era of man traveling in space, especially with Neil Armstrong just dying.”

Endeavour, ferried by jet, lifted off for the last time at 8:17 a.m. PT on Friday, leaving Edwards Air Force Base, California,for a farewell tour through the Golden State’s skies over Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. NASA had delayed Friday’s takeoff by an hour hoping to reach San Francisco under clearer skies, according to the space agency’s website.

It was the final leg of a three-day, three-stage cross-country trip that NASA designed to show off Endeavour in the sky to the American public. The space agency encouraged onlookers to share their sightings of the airborne spectacle on social media via the hashtags #spottheshuttle and #OV105, the later being Endeavour’s “vehicle designation.”