Pumpkin babies and demonic dogs: Your Halloween shots from around the world

Updated 1205 GMT (2005 HKT) December 17, 2012
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Just in time for Halloween, iReporter Adam Sternberg arranged for this Gotham City reunion in Las Vegas. Playing cards with the Joker are (left to right) Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Cat Woman, Robin and BatGirl. "We put a lot of work into making this shot happen and we're really happy with the results," Sternberg says. Courtesy: Adam Sternberg
For Manish Kanoji's daughter Kyra, this was the first Halloween celebration ever. Although she did not quite understand what was going on (she is 20 months old), she was able to pull an impressive "scary face" for this photo. Courtesy: Manish Kanoji
Her Royal Highness SisterFace a.k.a. Hector R. Hoyos is a drag queen from Waikiki, Hawaii and an avid iReporter. "I love, love Halloween. It's the one night a year that we queens and divas get to see everyone else dress up, be who they want, be free, be fantasy without judgement," said Hoyos. "I use my character for good and laughter, and to bring all types of people together, regardless of their differences," said the 41-year-old activist and entertainer. To find out more about Her Royal Highness SisterFace, check out her iReporter profile. HRH SisterFace
Jeffery Root's fascination with Middle Earth started when he took a Tolkien literature class at Utah Valley University. The class were asked to create their own worlds, written languages, races, histories and art projects.

"I grew an appreciation for the creation process that went into developing the world of Middle Earth," said the 30-year-old, who now works as a support technician and studio director. "I love Halloween. It's always been my favorite holiday. It is a day where you can be something other than yourself. You can be a hero, an adventurer or just plane dead."
Jeffery Root
When Ignacio Ayestaran decided to dress his little daughter Mai as a lobster, he wasn't quite ready for the backlash that ensued. "Grandmas and even the babysitter were really opinionated in that I should have gotten her something cute such as a butterfly, or a bear, but I wanted something a little less mainstream and being the foodies that we are we decided on the lobster costume. Mai didn't seem to mind," said Ayestaran. Courtesy: Ignacio Ayestaran
Gabriel Dominise, who lives in Essex, UK, wanted to make sure the pictures from his Halloween party are especially terrifying this year. "I will take pictures dressed as Frankenstein, (and) I will make the shot look really scary with some pumpkin designs," he said. "It so happened that I have a day off today, so I have a whole day to prepare." Courtesy: Gabriel Dominise
Darrell Stewart, a computer salesman, spotted this ravenous pumpkin display at the Kincaids Restaurant in Redondo Beach, California."Everyone loves this picture," said the 52-year-old from Long Beach. Darrell Stewart
For Jennifer Best's first ever iReport assignment, she decided to put her 5-month-old nephew Graysen Best in a pumpkin. "I kept seeing ideas for the pumpkin on Pinterest, and my best friend tried it last year with her niece. Thought it was absolutely adorable," said the 26-year-old nurse from Liberty, Missouri, who submitted several photos of Graysen in her iReport.

The pair's Halloween did not end with this backyard photo shoot. "On Halloween, he's dressing up as a monkey and I'm going to be a witch so we can have make-shift Wizard of Oz and take him trick-or-treating for the first time," she said.
Courtesy: Jennifer Best
Jennifer L. Schwartz noticed this pumpkin patch when driving around the Pomona campus in California. She syas that the pumpkins didn't grow there -- they simply appeared t one day, having been brought in for a local pumpkin festival. "It was so unusual I went back in the afternoon just to take the photos," she said. Courtesy: Jennifer L. Schwartz
Raymond Angeles photographed a Halloween Zombie parade in central Berlin, Germany. "Things like this make Berlin the most exciting city in the world," Raymond says. "They (the Zombies) even performed a little dance." Courtesy: Raymond Angeles
The White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand, is a macabre temple dedicated to preventing people from drinking alcohol and smoking, as both lead to an untimely death. The Halloween-themed pylons caught the eye of John Vogel, who said: "These pylons are located year round on the road near the temple, but seem especially appropriate this time of the year." Courtesy: John Vogel
According to multi-media art student Ramon Jacinto, Undas is the Fillipino equivalent of Halloween. He says during this time it's a tradition in the Philippines to visit the graves of loved ones. But, he says, as families gather in the ornate cemeteries the younger members tend to get bored and cause a bit of a ruckus, which is why it was decided that this year a carnival would be erected inside the cemetery at Balanga in Bataan. Courtesy: Ramon Jackytong Jacinto
"The locals are very positive about it, because they'll have a place to go and enjoy after they pray for their love ones and a place for their bored kids," said the 18-year-old student, who submitted a number of vivid photos.Jacinto says that the kids and adults at the cemetery are spoilt for choice when it comes to rides: "Kids can choose from carousel rides and different kiddie rides and the adults may also ride the bumper cars, Ferris wheel, mini coaster rides and the Halloween favourite 'The Horror Train,'" said Jacinto, who took the photos with his Canon 550D. Jacinto adds that the Undas normally entails going to the cemetery to pray, light candles, commemorate and bring food to the dead. Check out the full iReport. Courtesy: Ramon Jackytong Jacinto
Dog lover Rachel Cauvin from the Bronx attended the annual Halloween Dog Parade in New York City on October 20. "This parade seems to be getting bigger every year. It took four hours for all the dogs to show their costumes to the judges and photographers," said the 53-year-old, adding that she had a great time at the parade. To find out who won Best In Show have a look at the full iReport. Courtesy:
Angel Rausch says her son Ruhl is a 'theatrical' guy, who easily gets into his character - this year, he is dressing as a zombie.Walking back from a photo shoot, Ruhl, still in his zombie outfit, saw a homecoming event at the town square, an opportunity he could not resist. "He was 'photobombing' the homecoming couples as they were taking pictures with their families," she said. Courtesy: Angel Rausch
Lia Ocampo snapped these photos in her neighborhood in New York - she thought this decoration was "creative and realistic." To her, Halloween is not only scary, but it's fun as well. It's the opportunity to "celebrate the lighter side of life," said the 43-year-old who submitted a whole series of Halloween decoration photos in her iReport. Courtesy: Lia Ocampo
These happy pumpkins are Hunter and Robert, two nearly two-year-old identical twins who live in Hong Kong with their parents Clinton and Camilla O'Connor. When their dad took this photo the family was on their way to a Halloween party for families with multiple children. "There were about 30 sets of twins at the party all dressed up," said Mr O'Connor. Courtesy: Clinton O'Connor
For German-Iranian Nieka Pourkazemi, who likes transforming her face with make-up, there are 364 days of the year to look pretty and then there is that one day -- or in her case, about a week -- to go really crazy. "I started getting into special effects make-up after seeing a tutorial on YouTube a few years ago. The first thing I tried to do was unzipped eyes. It looked really scary and I went trick or treating and some people would get so freaked out they would close the door right away. The only downside was that the zipper stabbed me in the eye every time I blinked," said the 19-year-old from Hamburg, Germany. According to Pourkazemi, Halloween is growing in popularity in Germany and clubs in Reeperbahn -- Hamburg's infamous red-light and party district -- now give anyone in fancy-dress free entry during the Halloween season. If you want to have a look how Nieka created her zombie face, check out the video in her iReport. Courtesy: Nieka Pourkazemi
Ray Villafane's giant pumpkin creations are featured in New York Botanical Garden's special Halloween exhibition. Miriam Cintron, who captured this photo, said a lot of families with kids visited the garden - with the little ones not fazed one bit by the horribly scary and realistic zombie. "It really looks like it's going to attack at any moment," she said. See all her macabre photos in her iReport. Courtesy: Miriam Cintron
Rocky is Quan Huynh's first dog. The 37-year-old equity trader adopted Rocky as a puppy back in 2009 from the Helen Woodward Shelter in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Not only has the lucky mutt found a loving home at Ms Huynh's, he also gets to dress up for Halloween every year. "I bought the outfit at Target. I saw it in the weekly ad and thought it was so cute. He doesn't like wearing outfits when he's home, but as long as he is around other dogs, he doesn't mind at all. He actually played a lot with my friend's dogs who were also at the Humane Society event and the plane outfit looked like a plane wreck, wings twisted and dangling." This was Rocky's and Ms Huynh's first-ever iReport. Courtesy: Quan Huynh
Hurricane Sandy made Halloween a cold, wet and white affair for Matthew Bishop and his family in Beckley, West Virginia. "In WV, snow fall has caused local authorities to cancel Halloween Trick or Treating. Our yard was decorated, but is now buried under two feet of snow. My kids decided they would bring a little Halloween into the snow man," said Bishop. Matthew Bishop
It may not look a little odd, but to get the real impact of this flying-exploding-pumpkin you need to check out Matt Roach's amazing video. The display was the brain-child of Cracker Jacks, one of the oldest fireworks clubs in the U.S., and according to Roach this pumpkin shot up to 150-175 feet before meeting a very timely and seasonal death. Matt Roach