The top three things the GOP should do right now are ...

Story highlights

  • We asked readers to list three things the GOP should do right away, and got more than a dozen numbered lists
  • Ten of the best lists are featured here; some readers commented with ideas for Democratic Party
  • What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below or post a video on CNN iReport
The day after the election, thousands of comments poured in. The response was overwhelming, and we were wondering what was really on people's minds. But maybe one of the best ways to understand what people are thinking is to go ahead and ask them.
Several CNN iReport staffers typed out questions about what President Obama should do and the meaning of liberalism. Readers posted dozens of responses to those questions, and this one as well: "What should the GOP do right now?" We asked the readers to follow a structured list, and they did. Having that consistent format among the responses allowed us to produce a story culling together 10 of the best posts.
The story also inspired some commenters to respond by listing their wishes for what the Democratic Party should do next, like this item from user SaneReason: "Bask in the reflected glory of your recent presidential victory, but recognize the number of Americans that feel differently."
Click through the gallery above to see the selected responses, and comment below to share your own list. You can also post a video on CNN iReport.