New Zealand man bailed in alleged 'manure' plot on British royals

Britain's Prince Charles and his wife Camilla greet well-wishers in Auckland on Monday.

Story highlights

  • New Zealand man charged with attempted attack on royals
  • The 74-year-old was released on bail on Tuesday
  • Reports said he planned to throw bucket of horse manure at Charles and Camilla
A man accused of planning to attack Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall during their week-long trip to New Zealand was released on bail Tuesday.
Sam Bracanov pleaded not guilty at a hearing at the Auckland District Court and was ordered to re-appear on November 27, said Brian Reid, the court's criminal case flow manager.
The 74-year old man, a known anti-Royalist, was arrested in Auckland on Monday at one of the venues Charles and Camilla were due to visit during their tour, according to a statement from the New Zealand Police.
Neither of the British royal family members were in the vicinity at the time, the statement added.
 Sam Bracanov appears at the Auckland District Court on Tuesday.
Bracanov was charged with preparing to commit a crime, namely assault, against the royal couple, according to police.
Bracanov had planned to throw a bucket of horse manure at Prince Charles, the New Zealand Herald reported.
As part of the bail conditions, the court ordered him to stay more than 500 meters (1,640 feet) away from the royal couple, according to the paper.
Bracanov said he had been in jail seven times for incidents involving members of the royal family and was not bothered by the order to stay away from them.
"I won't do it [again this week], I've done it once. I was not successful but there's always next time,'' he was quoted as saying.
The royals are on a two-week tour of Australia and New Zealand as part of celebrations to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 60-year reign.