Top 5 baby boomer health trends

Health trends for baby boomers
Health trends for baby boomers


    Health trends for baby boomers


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  • Baby boomers should focus on flexibility and exercises such swimming and cycling
  • Working out your mind is just as important as working out the body, experts say
  • About one in 30 boomers are infected with hepatitis C, but many don't know it
This month CNN is taking an in-depth look at baby boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1964. Here are the top five trends in health and wellness for this age group:
No 1: 'Boomeritis'
"Boomeritis" is a term used by some orthopedic doctors seeing high rates of tendinitis, arthritis, tears and fractures among baby boomers. Experts don't want these weekend warriors to stop exercising, but they recommend focusing on flexibility and include nonweight-bearing activities such as swimming and cycling.
No. 2: Brain games
Studies show that games can help keep an aging mind healthy. Many baby boomers are playing video games designed to improve memory and attention -- exercise equipment for the brain.
No. 3: Sexually transmitted diseases
Rates of some STDs have doubled in 10 years in this age group. Divorced baby boomers rejoining the dating pool, no longer concerned about pregnancy, may need a refresher course on safe sex, experts say.
No. 4: Hepatitis C
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended this year that all baby boomers get tested for hepatitis C because about one in 30 are infected, but many don't know it. Oftentimes there are no symptoms, but left untreated, hepatitis C can cause liver cancer and cirrhosis.
No. 5: Free preventive care
Screening for hepatitis, mammograms, counseling to help quit smoking or treat depression, flu shots and other preventive care may be covered under most health insurance plans. Now it's up to boomers to use them.