Over Thanksgiving weekend, movie theaters sold an estimated $295 million worth of tickets.

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Theaters broke Thanksgiving weekend box office records

We asked Instagram users to combine photos of tickets with reviews via #stubreview hashtag

"Breaking Dawn," "Skyfall," "Lincoln" remained popular

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Many “Twilight” fans are savoring their last bites of the vampire fantasy films they have adored for four years.

Knowing that there were going to be several hot movies in theaters and that people love to take pictures of their ticket stubs, we asked readers to tag their Instagram photos of ticket stubs #stubreview and share a brief review. Sure enough, the posts came.

We saw dozens of tagged images representing about a dozen movies and from several countries. Most attendees showed us first-run films, but some went to see older movies. Ticket prices ranged from about $2 for a matinee to $13 for a full 3-D experience.

The posts corresponded with the top five movies in the Thanksgiving weekend box office results, so we compiled a list of movies to feature based on those two sources. We also got reviews about a few others that weren’t in that top tier, and we included a few of those right after the list. Did you see any of these?


Something about the Facebook privacy hoax has gotten people to click “share.”

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