Chalet stay or chalet go now?

Story highlights

  • Alpine Edge picks out 15 of the globe's most spectacular ski chalets
  • Homes in Switzerland, Canada, France and the United States featured
  • Most are the preserve of the super rich, with top price $516,000 for ten days
For the man or woman who has it all, it is a dilemma.
Which luxurious chalet in which prestigious ski resort will provide you and your loved ones with a winter sport getaway fit for royalty?
Which exclusive destination will offer up stunning views of Alpine landscapes with enough room to park the chopper nearby?
Where can you watch the sun set over snow-capped mountains while sipping champagne in a private outdoor hot tub with enough room to house a small army of friends and family?
Would a slide from your fourth floor bar to an extensive wine cellar seal the deal, or maybe a soft play area attached to your lodge that can host 20 screaming kids?
And, perhaps most important, which chalet will come with the private nightclub you require to entertain your guests?
If you are a millionaire jetsetter wondering where to splash your winter cash, worry not.
CNN has compiled a comprehensive guide to the world's most jaw-dropping chalets, complete with eye-watering price tags.