Duchess of Cambridge's portrait unveiled

Updated 1831 GMT (0231 HKT) January 15, 2013
kate middleton portraitkate middleton portrait
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Paul Emsley's "The Duchess of Cambridge" has been unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery in London. The painting is the first official portrait of Catherine, wife of Britain's Prince William, at the gallery. It joins centuries-worth of official paintings and photographs of the British royal family in the gallery's collection. courtesy Paul Emsley for National Portrait Gallery
The unveiling of the Duchess of Cambridge's first official portrait at the National Portrait Gallery has attracted considerable attention. Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images
Paul Emsley, an award-winning artist born in Glasgow, Scotland, painted the picture from a series of photos taken during two sittings in May and June 2012. Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images
The duchess is said to have asked to be portrayed naturally, and Emsley said he had chosen to show her smiling, because "that is really who she is." Getty Images
Catherine, who is expecting her first baby, is reported to be pleased with the finished work, telling Emsley at a private viewing that it is "amazing." Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images
However, the reaction from art critics and the public has been more mixed, with many taking to Twitter to share their views that the portrait is unflattering. Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images