Sudanese army says it killed more than 50 rebels

Story highlights

  • Sudan says it lost several soldiers in the clashes
  • Southern Kordofan is under Sudan's territory
  • It straddles Sudan and South Sudan's ethnic and political lines
The Sudanese army said it killed more than 50 rebels during clashes in a state bordering neighboring South Sudan.
Several government soldiers died in the attack in South Kordofan state Friday, according to Sudanese state media, SUNA.
It did not provide a number for the soldiers killed, but said the clashes occurred near the state capital of Kadugli.
An army spokesman told the news agency that the rebels killed were members of the Revolutionary Front, an alliance of militant groups. They operate in Sudanese states that border South Sudan.
South Sudan separated from Sudan in 2011 as part of a peace agreement that ended decades of civil war between the two sides.
Southern Kordofan remained under Sudan's control when South Sudan became independent.
Southern Kordofan, Blue Nile and the Nuba Mountain region straddle Sudan and South Sudan's ethnic and political lines.
Although these territories are geographically part of Sudan, the population has faced "exclusion, marginalization and discriminatory practices that have resulted in their opposition to the Sudanese government," according to the U.N. human rights office.
Sudan and South Sudan have accused each other of supporting rebels.