Manti Te’o: A linebacker, a made-up girlfriend and a national hoax

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Story highlights

Manti Te'o is a hoax victim, Notre Dame says, but questions continue to pop up

A sportswriter thinks Te'o may have embellished his relationship

An NFL football player says he has met a woman he thought was Kekua

In a little more than three months, Manti Te’o probably will be drafted by an NFL team and sign a multimillion dollar deal.

Before teams sink that much money into players, they have questions.

With the revelation that the football feel-good story of the year centered on the Notre Dame linebacker’s love for a woman who never existed, many people have questions for Te’o – a lot of questions.

And as each question in the saga gets answered – none publicly by Te’o — it seems another one, or two, or three, crop up.