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[Updated 4 p.m. Monday, January 21] The Northern Lights, aka "nature's most magnificent light show," can be seen in this photo taken last week at an abandoned farm in Akranes, Iceland.
"I am always amazed by their beauty when I see them," said Icelandic iReporter Finnur Andresson, who submitted the photo to CNN. "It's like another world."
The Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, are often seen in the northernmost regions of the world, including Iceland, Canada, Greenland and Alaska. The natural phenomenon is caused when a solar wind -- electrically charged particles emitted by the sun -- interacts with Earth's magnetic field.
You can see more amazing photos of the Lights on Andresson's iReport profile and his Twitter account.
Congrats to CNN.com readers Russell Bowman and Thorunn Kristjansdottir for being the first to correctly answer Iceland in this week's photo challenge!
[Original post] Do you know where this photo was taken?
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