(Illustration photo) An employee conducts a verification of the origin of the meat in a supermarket in France, on March 1, 2013.

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NEW: Taco Bell says its domestic restaurants have not been affected

It pulls all beef products from its three UK restaurants

Beef from a European supplier tested positive for traces of horse meat, a spokesman says

Europe's meat industry has been in turmoil over the discovery of rogue horse DNA

Fast food giant Taco Bell said Friday it has taken beef off the menu in its three UK outlets after tests on ground beef from a European supplier revealed traces of horse meat.

The discovery of rogue horse meat in a wide range of beef products has thrown the European meat industry into disarray in recent weeks.

A Taco Bell spokesman said the company had voluntarily ordered testing of its beef products in light of the scandal affecting other European retailers and food manufacturers.

Opinion: Horse meat scandal shines spotlight on murky horse trade

“Based on that testing, we learned ingredients supplied to us from one supplier in Europe tested positive for horse meat,” he said.