How do you really feel about the snow?

Snow wallops the Midwest
Snow wallops the Midwest


    Snow wallops the Midwest


Snow wallops the Midwest 01:11

Story highlights

  • As another storm moves into the Northeast, people voice their love and hate for the snow
  • More than 43,000 people "like" a Facebook page for those who love and hate snow
  • 2010 poll from candy maker: Men prefer shoveling snow, women like making snowmen
  • New Yorker Ruth Vesely says she hates snow and has gotten stuck in her own driveway
You love making snowmen and sledding. You hate the way the white stuff feels when it creeps into your boots and traps you inside for days.
We all have a love-hate relationship with snow.
There's even a Facebook page for it: "I have a Love/Hate relationship with snow." More than 43,000 people "like" it.
"As a former Northerner, I adored the snow because it made everything quiet and gentle-seeming," Emily Mishalanie told CNN.
She grew up in New York. Now she lives in snowless New Orleans.
"But I despise the cold and the melt. Snowfall is glorious because it makes everything slow down or even stop, but then the melt is dirty and wet and gross," she said.
CNN iReporter Alex Parziale thinks snow is pretty. But it makes a huge mess on his Leesburg, Virginia, farm, with two big wet dogs.
"My wife says she is going crazy staying inside," he said.
As another massive storm moves in to the Northeast, lots of people are going to be stuck inside. Their driveways will be piled high with snow, and the kids will get antsy after getting bored playing outside. Boots will be soggy. These are the things that make for snow haters.
"I hate the snow," said Ruth Vesely. As a native New Yorker, Vesely is used to snow. But now that she's nine months pregnant, she finds that snow makes walking around very difficult, and she has almost slipped several times.
"I've gotten stuck in the driveway because when the plows go by, they leave a nice pile at the end of the driveway," she said.
Take this with a grain of salt, but a 2010 poll from candy maker Nestle asked 1,000 people about their feelings about snow. Men actually like shoveling snow, the survey said. Women like making snowmen.
We all grow tired of it as we get older, according to the survey.
"Sadly, it seems the excitement surrounding snow days wears off the older you are," the company said in a statement. "Those older than 35 are 58 percent less likely to look forward to snow days as much as they did when they were younger."
But there are the people who embrace snow, no matter what.
"I love the snow. My wife loves it. We love looking at the trees and seeing everything covered with snow," said CNN iReporter Robert Herrera of Dayton, Ohio. "It's a cool thing and it's part of winter. That's the life of being in Ohio."