Lindsay Lohan accepts plea deal with rehab

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Lindsay Lohan agrees to go to rehab and won't go to jail

The rehab program must be "lock in," meaning she cannot leave

The judge extended her probation for another two years

Los Angeles CNN  — 

Lindsay Lohan agreed to spend 90 days in a “locked in” drug rehab facility as part of a plea deal to settle criminal charges against her Monday.

The actress entered pleas of no contest on two misdemeanor charges relating to a traffic accident last summer, and she did not challenge the finding that she violated her shoplifting probation with those convictions.

“A suggestion – don’t drive,” Los Angeles Superior Judge James Dabney told Lohan after he handed down her sentence.

Her six years of legal troubles trace back to two drunken driving arrests in 2007 and include other incidents in which she was behind the wheel.

While Michael Lohan was satisfied his daughter would get drug treatment in rehab – not jail – her father expressed anger outside the courthouse with her lawyer, Mark Heller.

“I want to know why are you’re still up here?” Michael Lohan shouted at Heller. “Go home, you’ve done enough damage. Leave my daughter alone and stay out of the press. You’re a parasite.”

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Lohan said Heller “just wants to use my daughter as way to get his name in the papers.”

A sheriff’s deputy stepped between Michael Lohan and Heller to separate the men.

“My reaction is one of sadness and compassion for the conduct that that gentleman is displaying publicly,” Heller told reporters later.

Michael Lohan accused Heller of unethical and criminal conduct in his representation of his daughter, saying prosecutors were investigating Heller for tampering with “a star witness” in Lohan’s case.

“It is an open investigation and they just told me they are investigating him,” Michael Lohan said.

Los Angeles County district attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison said that office is not involved in the case.

The spokesman for the Los Angeles city attorney’s office said he was unaware of any probe. The spokeman for the Santa Monica city attorney’s office, which was involved in the case, did not immediately respond to CNN’s call.

Heller said he was not aware of what Michael Lohan was alleging.

“That’s a very sad and unfortunate statement,” Heller said. “Anybody is able in this great country to make any allegations that they want.”

He then brought the interview back to Lindsay Lohan.

“The only issue here today is that a sweet, wonderful 26-year-old girl has finally been able to bring some closure to a chapter in her life that has been very unfortunate,” Heller sad. “Lindsay Lohan has been very fragile and very concerned by what’s been happening here and the only thing I’ve been concerned about is that we’ve been able to give her story a very, very happy ending.”

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She is “now on a wonderful path and a journey that I think is going to be very rewarding,” he said. “Today marks the first day of the rest of her life and her comeback is right before us.”

Although Lohan was sentenced to jail time, including five days and 90 days on two charges, the judge will allow her to serve it in rehab.

The sentence extends Lohan’s probation for two years and requires 18 months of psychotherapy.

“This is it,” Dabney told her. “You violate your probation, and we’re not going to have discussions of putting you back on probation.”

Lohan was charged with reckless driving and lying to a police officer about a June 2012 car crash in which her Porsche crashed in to a dump truck on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, California. Her arrest triggered the probation violation charge.

The police report said Lohan denied being behind the wheel, but the prosecutor was expected to call witnesses who say she was driving.

“I think Lindsay needed to go and just deal with some of her issues,” her father said Monday. “She got exactly what she needs.

Lindsay Lohan acknowledged her drug and alcohol addiction in past court appearances.

She’s spent 250 days in five rehab facilities since January 2007, including one long court-ordered stint after a failed drug test.