‘Africa’s tallest building’ set for $10 billion tech city

Story highlights

Hope City is a planned high-tech hub outside Accra, Ghana

The technopolis will house 25,000 residents and create jobs for 50,000 people

Construction is expected to begin by June and to be completed within three years

CNN  — 

Right now, it’s nothing more than an empty plot of land, covered by just a few shrubs and the odd Neem tree. But within a few years, these grass plains just outside Accra, Ghana, could be transformed into a fertile breeding ground for world-class innovation.

Earlier this month, Ghanaian president John Mahama launched Hope City, a $10 billion high-tech hub aiming to foster technological growth and attract major players in the global ICT industry to the West African country.

The ambitious project is the brainchild of Ghanaian businessman Roland Agambire, head of local technology group