Tech hub working on ‘Nigeria’s next big idea’

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Story highlights

Nigeria's CC Hub is an innovation space where tech-savvy people share ideas

Founder Bosun Tijani wants the hub to be the birthplace of Nigeria's next big innovation

Those involved work together to build tech solutions to community problems

CC Hub helped host Lagos Social Media Week last month

Lagos, Nigeria CNN  — 

Fingers tickle keyboards fastidiously, bright-colored walls boast signs reading “We Code Hard,” and an idle foosball table waits for its next contenders. These are all signs you’ve entered a place for passionate tech enthusiasts. But if ‘Bosun Tijani has his way, this is where Nigeria’s next great idea will be born.

Tijani is co-founder of the Co-Creation Hub – or CcHub – in Lagos, part of a 21st-century technology movement sweeping the African continent.

Similar to Kenya’s iHub and the newly opened Jozi Hub in South Africa, Nigeria’s version also creates a state-of-the-art space for like-minded people to collaborate and innovate. The CcHub, though, aims to stand out from the pack with its focus on social responsibility.