Do's and don'ts for DIY skin care

Story highlights

  • Honey, olive oil and tea are great pantry products for your skin, dermatologist Doris Day says
  • Citrus and spices can irritate skin, the "Forget the Facelift" author says
  • Salt, sugar and baking soda are effective exfoliants, Day says
Perhaps you've come across a recipe or two on Pinterest for perfect skin. We've seen them too: banana and orange facials, spicy acne masks, olive oil cleansers and more.
But whether you're holistically-minded, frustrated with drugstore finds or having a beauty emergency, it's not always wise to experiment on your face with that thing you saw on the Internet.
We wondered, should you ever put your skin and hair at the mercy of your kitchen pantry?
"For the most part I prefer drug store or department store or cosmeceutical products from your dermatologist because they're actually tested on the skin and they go through certain quality control measures," said New York dermatologist Dr. Doris Day. "But in a p