North Korea issues new threat over naval drills

The power of the Kim dynasty
The power of the Kim dynasty


    The power of the Kim dynasty


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North Korea issued a new threat of military action Tuesday if "even a single shell" from U.S. and South Korean naval exercises fell within its territorial waters.
"The prevailing situation goes to prove that they are persisting in their premeditated military provocations in a bid to push the present state of war to an actual war," a statement carried by the North Korean state-run news agency KCNA.
The statement follows a lull in the heated rhetoric emanating from Pyongyang, which tested a nuclear bomb in February and sent a satellite into orbit atop a long-range rocket in December. The North said its forces "will take immediate counteractions in case even a single shell drops over the territorial waters of our side due to the enemies' provocative shelling in the southwestern waters."