Photos: American detained in Russia

Published 1428 GMT (2228 HKT) May 14, 2013
07 ryan fogle detained07 ryan fogle detained
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Russia's FSB counterintelligence agency released photos after it said it briefly detained a suspected member of the CIA who was trying to recruit a staff member of one of the Russian special services. Pictured, the man is handcuffed on the ground. FSB/Russia Today
The man is walked down the street by security after being detained. FSB/Russia Today
A photograph of the man's identification card released by the FSB identifies him as Ryan Fogle. An FSB spokesman said he was third secretary of the Political Department of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. FSB/Russia Today
The FSB says these were his belongings, including wigs, sunglasses and knives. FSB/Russia Today
One photo released by the FSB shows what appears to be a large quantity of high-denomination euro currency notes. FSB/Russia Today
The man sits behind a desk after being detained. FSB/Russia Today
The FSB released this photo of his Russian ID card. FSB/Russia Today