Eco Art Uganda: Turning trash into treasure

Updated 0819 GMT (1619 HKT) May 24, 2013
ECO ART/Ruganzu Bruno boy paintingECO ART/Ruganzu Bruno boy painting
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Ugandan eco-artist Ruganzu Bruno built an amusement park for children living in one of Kampala's slums. ECO ART/Ruganzu Bruno
Bruno (right) worked with the local community to create the playground in a congested area lacking recreation facilities. "We built the playground together as a team," he says. ECO ART/Ruganzu Bruno
Using thousands of waste bottles, the talented artist turned a school yard in Kampala's Kireka community into a fun and safe place where children can play and learn. ECO ART/Ruganzu Bruno
For his work over the years, the talented artist has won several accolades, including the Ugandan Young Achievers award 2011. ECO ART/Ruganzu Bruno
Bruno says the park has had a positive impact on local children. "The attention of children in class has improved; the number of children who are dropping out [is falling] because now they have something to keep them busy there, " he says. ECO ART/Ruganzu Bruno
Other attractions include swings and climbing structures created with recycled materials such as old tires. ECO ART/Ruganzu Bruno
Bruno plans to roll out several other eco amusement parks in other parts of Kampala. ECO ART/Ruganzu Bruno
A huge board game built inside the school yard in Acholi Quarters, Kireka. ECO ART/Ruganzu Bruno
In 2010 Bruno founded Eco Art Uganda, a collective of artists promoting environmental awareness. ECO ART/Ruganzu Bruno
He has also developed an eco-artist loan scheme to help the business endeavors of women in Kireka. ECO ART/Ruganzu Bruno