Your photos: Evolution of prom style

Updated 2002 GMT (0402 HKT) June 25, 2015
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Take a look at the following images from iReporters in prom attire from different eras--some are with friends, some with a date, but they all look like they're having fun! Jupiterimages
2010: Hummer SUV? That's so last century. Sandra O'Hare works at a high school in Bardstown, Kentucky, and says she's seen students show up in creative limos and even a chandelier-adorned tobacco wagon, but never on a camel like Clint Wimsett and Angela Vittitow. Courtesy Sandra O'Hare
2000: Deanne Goodman, in lavender, still really likes her dress, even though she says it's outdated by more than a decade. The friendships with those in the picture haven't faded away either. Courtesy Deanne Goodman
1986: Martrese White's grandmother was a seamstress at a now-closed Bonwit Teller department store. "I came up with the design, she directed me with my execution. I also crafted a matching handbag, gloves, and made rosettes for my shoes. In hindsight, I was a mash-up of Scarlett O'Hara and Ziggy Stardust, but at the time, I felt spec-TAC-u-lar." Courtesy Martrese White
1972: Patty Sullivan says her perspective on the 1970s sense of style changed over time. "I loved it at the time, but years later I laughed along with my sisters at some of the clothes we wore. I think the style has endured. All styles seem to come back around." Courtesy Patty Sullivan
1968: Patricia Helen Hill and her future husband, Bob, went to the Westwood High School prom in Winnipeg, Manitoba. "My mother actually made the dress and it was very heavy," she said, "more like drapery material." She changed out of the dress after the dance and went on a riverboat cruise. "Everyone at the prom was invited!" she said. Courtesy Patricia Helen Hill
1967: Nikki C. Morris wore a yellow dress and white gloves for her prom, but she says '60s fashion was too colorful for her tastes. "I remember thinking that most of the dresses and the girls wearing them looked like Easter eggs," Morris says. "I wasn't a fan." Nikki C. Morris
1966: Susan Train says: "The senior prom was a really big deal after four years of Catholic school uniforms; it was our night to shine. The hairstyles were up, the flowers were especially picked to go with the gowns and the white dinner jackets -- everyone was so beautiful and handsome that night. We wore white gloves and matching shoes -- every detail was thought out and selected for this special evening." Courtesy Susan Train