Photos: Floods sweep through Central Europe

Updated 1621 GMT (0021 HKT) June 12, 2013
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Trees are submerged in the waters of the Elbe River in Schoenhausen, Germany, on Wednesday, June 12. Heavy rain has left rivers swollen across Central Europe. CHRISTIAN CHARISIUS/AFP/Getty Images
People salvage items from their house, which was flooded by the Danube River, in Dunakeszi, Hungary, on June 12. FERENC ISZA/AFP/Getty Images
A man empties a bucket of water in front of his house in Hohnstorf, Germany, on June 12. JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images
Residents stand in front of a house that was hit by floodwaters from the Danube River in Fischerdorf, Germany, on Tuesday, June 11. CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP/Getty Images
Floodwaters from the Elbe River inundate a yard with a swimming pool near Magdeburg, Germany, on Monday, June 10. THOMAS PETER/Reuters/Landov
The embankment at the Pest side of Budapest is flooded on June 10. Emergency services and volunteers worked through the night in Hungary as floodwaters threatened towns and villages. ATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP/Getty Images
A man walks in high water from the Elbe River in Meissen, Germany, on Sunday, June 9. KAY NIETFELD/AFP/Getty Images
Greenpeace activists walk in floodwaters from the Danube at the Chain Bridge in Budapest on June 9. ATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP/Getty Images
Soldiers prepare a makeshift flood barrier on Margareth Island in the Hungarian capital of Budapest on June 9. ATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP/Getty Images
A resident wades to a neighbor's house on a flooded street near the swollen Elbe River on Friday, June 7, in Elster, Germany. Sean Gallup/Getty Images
A man walks through the mud in the village of Fischerdorf near Deggendorf, southern Germany, on June 7. CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP/Getty Images
Chewbaca sits among groceries and bottles of butane in a rubber raft as his owner pulls him through a flooded street near the swollen Elbe River on June 7. Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Members of the emergency services inspect a road washed away by flood water near Loebnitz, eastern Germany, on June 7. JAN WOITAS/AFP/Getty Images
The Inn, left, and Danube rivers flood parts of the historic city of Passau, Germany, on Thursday, June 6. Joerg Koch/Getty Images
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Reiner Haseloff, right, premier of the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, speak with volunteers about building a sandbag barrier near Lake Goitzsche in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany, on June 6. Jens Schlueter/Getty Images
Residents and their pets take refuge from the flooding in a shelter in Bitterfield, Germany, on June 6. ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images
Volunteers fill sandbags to protect Dresden, Germany, from rising floodwaters of the Elbe River on June 6. Sean Gallup/Getty Images
The Elbe floods the historic city center of Meissen, Germany, on June 6. Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Volunteers stack sandbags as the Saale River overruns parts of Calbe, Germany, on June 6. ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images
Elbe River floodwaters rise over statues across from the Semper Opera House in Dresden, Germany, on June 6. Sean Gallup/Getty Images
A flood container storage facility in Riesa, Germany, on Wednesday, June 5. JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images
A neighborhood submerged in the River Danube in Straubing, Germany, on June 5. EPA/ARMIN WEIGEL/LANDOV
Residents of Dresden, Germany, evacuate due to rising floodwaters of the River Elbe on June 5. MICHAEL KAPPELER/AFP/Getty Images
Flooded streets in Decin, northern Bohemia, on June 5. MICHAL CIZEK/AFP/Getty Images
German Lifesaving Society workers drive through the flooded area of Deggendorf, Germany, on June 5. EPA/KARL-JOSEF HILDENBRAND/LANDOV
A woman peers out onto the street flooded by the River Danube in Passau, Germany, on June 5. CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP/Getty Images
Submerged cars peak out of the flood in Deggendorf, Germany. KARL-JOSEF HILDENBRAND/AFP/Getty Images
A man walks near a flood protection wall in Bratislavas, Slovakia, on June 5. SAMUEL KUBANI/AFP/Getty Images
A house flooded by the River Danube near Deggendorf, Germany, on June 5. EPA/ARMIN WEIGEL /LANDOV
A woman cleans mud from the footpath in front of her house following flooding along the Inn River in Schaerding, Austria, on Wednesday, June 5. Rising rivers menaced swaths of Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria on Tuesday, as floodwaters inundated historic cities and forced mass evacuations of low-lying areas. WOLFGANG RATTAY/reuters/LANDOV
Residents transport sandbags to build a flood wall in a street flooded by the Elbe River in Dresden, Germany, on June 5. ROBERT MICHAEL/AFP/GEtty Images
A women crosses a makeshift bridge over flooded streets in Unterloiben, Austria, on Tuesday, June 4. DIETER NAGL/AFP/Getty Images
A cat seeks dry ground after flooding from the Vltava River in Kly, Czech Republic, on June 4. MICHAL CIZEK/AFP/Getty Images
A resident adds a tarp to a restaurant on June 4, to help prevent damage from rising floodwaters from the nearby Elbe River in Pirna, Germany. Sean Gallup/Getty Images
An aerial view shows the flooded Prague Zoo on June 4 in the Czech Republic. SAMUEL KUBANI/AFP/Getty Images
Volunteers and soldiers stack sandbags on June 4 to strengthen a dam of the rising Saale River on the outskirts in Halle, Germany. Jens Schlueter/Getty Images
People canoe in the flooded city of Wehlen, Germany, on June 4. JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images
Some streets are underwater in the old city in Passau, Germany, on Monday, June 3, due to heavy and ongoing rainfall. PETER KNEFFEL/AFP/Getty Images
Onlookers watch the water rise around houses on the Vltava River in Prague. The Vltava was cresting Tuesday in the Czech capital, but areas downstream still faced rising waters.
David W. Cerny/Reuters/Landov
Czech soldiers erect metal barriers on the banks of the Vltava River in Prague's Holesovice district. Petr Josek/Reuters/Landov
A traffic sign is surrounded by the flooded Berounka River on the outskirts of Prague on June 3. David W. Cerny/Reuters/Landov
Firefighters evacuate local residents in Zeitz, Germany, on June 3 from a street flooded the night before by the nearby Weisse Elster River. Sean Gallup/Getty Images
The swollen Inn River rushes through downtown Passau, Germany, on June 3. Johannes Simon/Getty Images
A rescuer navigates through an flooded street in Passau, Germany. CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP/Getty Images
Czech army personnel build flood barriers on the bank of the flooded Vltava River in Prague. Transportation was severely disrupted in Prague, as well as other parts of Bohemia, according to a spokeswoman for the Czech Fire Department. MICHAL CIZEK/AFP/Getty Images
Firefighters and helpers evacuate citizens in the flooded city center in Grimma, Germany. Jens Schlueter/Getty Images
Floodwaters surround a restaurant in Prague on June 3. MICHAL CIZEK/AFP/Getty Images
Streets in Passau, Germany, were flooded after the River Danube topped a centuries-old record. PETER KNEFFEL/AFP/Getty Images
A woman wades through a flooded street in Passau, Germany, on June 3.
Evacuees forced to flee the rising floodwaters of the Weisse Elster River sit on mattresses at an evacuation center in a school gymnasium in Zeitz, Germany, on June 3. Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Floodwaters cover a road in Prague on June 3. MICHAL CIZEK/AFP/Getty Images
Subway escalators stand empty in a train station in Prague on Sunday, June 2. Matej Divizna/Getty Images
A statue by British sculptor Kaivalya Torpy depicting Indian spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy is partially submerged by the rising waters of the Vltava River on June 2 in downtown Prague. Michal Ruzicka/MAFRA/isifa/Getty Images