Turkey protesters remain defiant

Published 1644 GMT (0044 HKT) June 5, 2013
Turkey protesters 1Turkey protesters 1
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A desecrated monument in Istanbul's commercial hub, Taksim Square, on Tuesday after demonstrations at the weekend turned violent when police moved in to scatter protesters. Oliver Joy/CNN
Industrial design student Ozgsa Bertag-Apunaman, 20, says: "They are trying to decide whether we drink alcohol. Telling us how many children we should have and if a woman should have an abortion or not." Oliver Joy/CNN
Gozde, 19, a university pupil studying genetics, joined the protests with her mother and is worried for the future of her country under the leadership of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Oliver Joy/CNN
Ayean, 33, a fashion designer, says the "beautiful" mix that exists in Istanbul, along with people's way of life in the city, is under threat. Oliver Joy/CNN
Rock star and environmentalist Haluk Levent, 44, believes it's about time that Erdogan listened to the concerns of the country's young people. Oliver Joy/CNN