America Ferrera: 'We are under attack'

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  • Actress America Ferrera writes an open letter to girls of the world
Dear Girls of the World,
We are under attack. We are denied education. We are bought and sold like cattle. We are threatened and killed for voicing our dreams.
We are all suffering.
America Ferrera
When one girl in the world suffers for being born female, every girl in the world is made vulnerable. Gender-based hate in the most remote corner of the Earth threatens the very core of our dignity. How can any of us be free while our sisters are slaves in this very instant?
To turn a blind eye to a single girl living in sub-human status is to accept that status for each and every one of us.
If the girls of the world stay silent, we will protect hate. Only our collective voice can carry our stories far and wide enough to drive out the oppression of girls everywhere. Until the day we all have the opportunity to speak up for ourselves, we have to bear witness for one another.
Lift your voice for those who can't! Write an open letter about what girls' education means to you.
Girl Rising, coming June 16 at 9P ET
Girl Rising, coming June 16 at 9P ET


    Girl Rising, coming June 16 at 9P ET


Girl Rising, coming June 16 at 9P ET 00:30
- America Ferrera