The 10 worst bosses from film and TV

Editor’s Note: Steve Tobak is a Silicon Valley-based management consultant, executive coach and former senior executive of the technology industry.

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10 of the worst movie or TV bosses

Bad on-screen bosses are often ones that remind people of real life

Horrible bosses are depicted in classic sci-fi movies like 'Star Wars' and TV shows like 'Family Guy'

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Every so often I’ll see a movie or a TV show where a boss is over-the-top bad, and it’s supposed to be hilarious or terrifying.

But I’ve had bosses who did some of the same things in real life. Perhaps the echoes of reality is what makes these fictitious bosses stand out.

Come to think of it, I wasn’t always such a great boss myself, so maybe it was just karma.

Here are some of the ones that reminded me of horrible bosses I had in real life. I know – I probably deserved it.

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