A side of Taksim Square we haven't seen?

Published 1916 GMT (0316 HKT) June 14, 2013
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Andres Koop (pictured second from left), an orthopedic surgeon from Tallinn in Estonia, was visiting Istanbul for an international conference, accompanied by his wife, Anneli (pictured second from right), son Stenver (pictured left), and family friend, Erekle (pictured right).

He told CNN: "The best way is to talk about problems and sit around a table and find solutions."
Joe Duran/CNN
18-year-old holidaymaker Stenver Koop walks amongst building debris after the recent clashes in Istanbul's Taksim Square. Joe Duran/CNN
The Estonian family from Tallinn were on holiday staying in a hotel near Taksim Square. Joe Duran/CNN
Stenver Koop said: "Everyone tries to sell something -- this is very interesting to see. I think it's right what the protesters are doing. The decision about the park is political. They want a revolution and that's why they are fighting." Joe Duran/CNN
16-year-old twin brothers, Remi and Dilan (pictured right), holding spray cans and wearing the Guy Fawkes masks often used by Occupy protesters. Joe Duran/CNN
The twins were writing the words "Father Revolution" on a wall in the square. They told CNN: "I think Erdogan should go because he's not doing what society wants. It's not fair - he's becoming a dictator because he's trying to force through what he thinks is right." Joe Duran/CNN
High School student Remi, 16, pictured with his twin brother Dilan, were writing anti-government graffiti in the square. "We want a liberal, free country. So many people are fighting that there's got to be something wrong with the government." Joe Duran/CNN
The two high school students walk down into a tunnel underneath Taksim Square after tagging walls nearby with graffiti. Joe Duran/CNN
A view of the crowds of protesters and visitors in Taksim Square last Saturday. Protests erupted in Istanbul's Taksim Square over a week ago over the city's plans to bulldoze the city's last green space to make way for a shopping mall. Joe Duran/CNN
A woman in Taksim Square in Istanbul sells Turkish flags on Saturday, June 7, 2013 to visitors and protesters. Joe Duran/CNN