Google exec to girls: Tech needs you

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  • Google executive Susan Wojcicki writes an open letter to girls of the world
  • "We simply can't afford for the future of technology not to represent women," she says
Dear Girls of the World,
The technology industry needs you.
Around the world, people are watching movies on laptops, buying goods online and connecting with friends and family through mobile devices. All of these experiences are powered by technology, created by people just like you.
Girls of the world, the tech industry is waiting for you. The skills you learn in your math and sciences classes today are the foundation for building technology that will touch nearly every aspect of our lives in the future -- your future. If you invest in learning technical skills, soon you won't just be consuming technology, you'll be defining it, creating it and sharing it with people all over the world.
The tech industry is growing faster than nearly all other industries today. In fact, computer programming jobs are growing at two times the U.S. national average. And it's still very early days. Google, for example, is only in its teenage years. The opportunities for a career in technology will only continue to grow as an additional 5 billion people around the world come online.
Susan Wojcicki
Yet despite being a ripe career field, the tech industry is losing women. In the United States,