Bus promising to 'drive message home' drives into Massachusetts house

A public bus crashed into a central Massachusetts home on Monday.

Story highlights

  • Eight people suffer minor injuries when a bus drives into a house
  • A mother and three children in the house were among those hurt
  • The house sustained major damage, Massachusetts State Police say
Eight people were injured when a public bus crashed into a central Massachusetts home Monday evening, including a mother and her three children who were inside at the time.
All were taken to the hospital for minor injuries, according to Chief Stephen Coleman of the Auburn Fire Department.
Coleman told CNN that it took an hour and 15 minutes to free the driver, describing the extrication as "very lengthy and complicated."
Lt. Richard Wolanski of the Massachusetts State Police said the home, which is at the intersection of two side streets, was "fully compromised."
The cause of the crash is under investigation.
In a bit of irony, the side of the bus that is visible from the street is emblazoned with a pitch for advertising opportunities that reads: "Drive Your Message Home with the Worcester Regional Transportation Authority."