10 African tech startups you need to know

Story highlights

  • "There are some pretty amazing tech startups in Africa," says Michelle Atagana
  • Atagana picks 10 companies that are innovative and interesting
  • Choices include an education app, job-finding sites and print-on-demand startup
It's pretty simple -- if you have a great company in you, Africa is a great place to go unleash it.
There is an excitement for newness here, and let's face it, most things are still new. Access is becoming easier, mobile is booming and a tech explosion is happening.
There are some pretty amazing tech startups in Africa that are building amazing products that can compete on the international stage. I get to see a lot of interesting companies and I am always impressed by how innovative and interesting Africa's tech startups are. This list is made of some of the most interesting companies I have come across in the last two years.
Michelle Atagana
It's hard to pick the top companies, so this list consists of companies that have done impressive work and are innovating in interesting ways.
So check out the gallery above to see, in no particular order, Africa's bright tech future and the companies leading it.