'Big Brother': No mention of racist houseguests

Houseguest McCrae looks on during the July 3 live eviction show on CBS' "Big Brother."

Story highlights

  • The July 3 "Big Brother" didn't mention some contestants' racist, homophobic comments
  • The only reference was the host's remark, "people are starting to show their true colors"
  • The abhorrent behavior has been displayed on the 24/7 Internet feed
  • Two houseguests have faced consequences
Anyone wanting to get a glimpse of the abhorrent behavior in the "Big Brother" house this week needs to seek out fansites.
Wednesday's telecast made no mention of the racist and homophobic behavior that was uttered by several house guests on the 24/7 Internet feed.
The only reference was a comment by host Julie Chen, who said "emotions are running high and people are starting to show their true colors."
Though word of the loathsome behavior has spread like wild fire — two organizations that employ houseguests GinaMarie Zimmerman and Aaryn Gries have already announced they were terminating the young women for their comments — the show decided on Wednesday to steer clear of the subject.
The next episode of Big Brother airs on Sunday.
One of this year's twists involves the audience picking a weekly most valuable player. Many fans are questioning whether the award will be fair and well-deserved (especially given the recent bad behavior), if it's based only on what viewers see in prime time and not on the Internet feeds.