Dapper dinosaurs strut their stuff on Vogue UK website

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Keyboard code unleashes parade of stylish dinosaurs on Conde Nast UK websites

Dinosaurs are Konami codes, an 'old cheat-sequence' often used as memes

Conde Nast says dinosaurs are "intended," not result of a computer hack

CNN  — 

Reptiles are the biggest thing on Vogue UK’s website right now, but not as boots or bags.

With a few keyboard strokes, visitors to the site can watch a parade of dinosaurs in quirky hats flashing across the page.

Trust me and try it: Go to the site and type this: up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, b then a as many times as you want.

Dinosaurs invaded the websites of several UK editions of Conde’ Nast publications this week. GQ, Easy Living and Wired each have dinosaurs dressed for the occasion, so to speak: on GQ, a dapper dino dressed in a suit, Nyan cats flying across WiredUK.

Cartoon avatars back in vogue

Who gets the prehistoric style points on this one? Fashion blogs that caught wind of the avatars Monday speculated that they were the result of a hack. A Conde Nast Britain spokesman declined to comment on the prehistoric invaders except to say they “were intended.”

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    Computer security expert Graham Cluley said the stunt was created using Konami code, an “old cheat-sequence code” that could be used on vintage Nintendo games, but are now considered a meme.

    But let’s get back to the hats. Massachusetts-based milliner Sally Steinmann reports that the headwear on the Vogue dinos are “everyday casual style” often used in the fall or winter.

    They range from a “plush, faux fur cloche in red and gray,” to a feathered fedora, and even brimmed-military style caps also make an appearance.

    Steinmann said she would have loved to see dinosaurs decked in millinery creations more a la Vogue, like Stephen Jones or Philip Treacy, or hats worthy of the Royal Ascot.

    “Perhaps the dinos are simply showing their good taste,” she said.