Dementia care gets a makevover

Published 1949 GMT (0349 HKT) July 11, 2013
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Corrie Visser suffers from severe dementia and is now living in a cutting-edge facility in Holland. CNN
From outside, Hogewey does not look special but its approach to dementia care is attracting health care leaders from across Europe and as far away as Japan. CNN
The two-story buildings form a courtyard where residents can roam on their own and where they are watched by carers, some of whom staff the site's shops. CNN
Theo Visser, who could not provide the at-home 24-hour-care his wife needs, visits Corrie every day. CNN
Other visitors spend time with their relatives in the courtyard village where carers and volunteers keep an eye on the residents. CNN
Furniture and art in the center's living areas are picked to reflect décor that residents are familiar with from their earlier years. CNN
Ada and Ben Picavet can't hold conversations anymore but they still enjoy making music together. CNN
Yvonne van Amerongen, one of Hogewey's founders, was inspired to find a new way of providing nursing home care after her father died -- and she realized she wouldn't want him to have lived at a nursing home. CNN
Despite the efforts to make their lives as normal as possible, all of the residents suffer severe dementia and require 24-hour-a-day care. CNN