Photos: Protests in Belfast

Published 1522 GMT (2322 HKT) July 14, 2013
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Northern Irish loyalists clash with police in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Saturday, July 13, a day after protests broke out because a Protestant Orange Order parade was blocked from marching past the predominantly Catholic and nationalist Ardoyne area. CATHAL MCNAUGHTON/reuters/LANDOv
A man confronts riot police as a small protest is stopped along Shankill Road in Belfast on July 13. The Friday night protests left 32 police officers injured and required hundreds of additional officers to be sent in from Britain. PETER MUHLYPETER MUHLY/AFP/Getty Images
A man throws debris at police on July 13. The parade route was decided by the Northern Ireland Parades Commission, which works to keep friction between the two factions at a minimum. PETER MUHLYPETER MUHLY/AFP/Getty Images
Police fire a water cannon at a crowd on July 13. Barcroft Media/Landov
A man sits next to riot police in Belfast on July 13. PETER MUHLYPETER MUHLY/AFP/Getty Images
Riot police help an injured officer as they try to contain protesters on Friday, July 12. julien behal/PA PHOTOS/LANDOv
Protesters climb onto police vehicles in the Woodvale Road area of Belfast on July 12. CATHAL MCNAUGHTON/reuters/LANDOv
A man is hit by a water cannon in on July 12. PAUL MCERLANE/epa/LANDOv
Protesters climb on top of police riot vehicles on July 12. PA PHOTOS/julien behal/LANDOv
Police stand guard as Protestant Orangemen march in Belfast on July 12. PETER MUHLYPETER MUHLY/AFP/Getty Images