First 'Divergent' footage revealed at Comic-Con

Zoe Kravitz and Shailene Woodley star in 'Divergent'

Story highlights

  • Dystopic "Divergent" is said to be the next "Hunger Games"
  • Star Shailene Woodley asked Jennifer Lawrence for advice
  • Comic-Con panel breaks the news "not everyone lives"
Lucky fans were treated to the first ever footage from upcoming teen dystopic film "Divergent" at Comic-Con yesterday.
The primary cast of the film, as well as director Neil Burger ("Limitless") and book author Veronica Roth, spoke about the film's potential as the so-called next "Hunger Games" and offered hints about what's to come from the franchise.
The futuristic film stars Shailene Woodley as a teenager named Tris who is forced to decide between the societal faction her family belongs to and the one she feels is right for her. It will be released in theaters on March 21, 2014.
Woodley, who finished filming only two days prior to Comic-Con, is already preparing for the wash of fame that will follow should the movie be a success.
"I did audition for 'The Hunger Games' back in the day," Woodley told reporters at a press conference on Thursday, July 18. "Jennifer Lawrence actually helped me with 'Divergent' because I asked her to tell me how her life has changed from going from small indie movies to something as big as 'Hunger Games.' And she gave me really beautiful advice saying how much she appreciated it and how much it's changed her life in positive ways. She really helped me on this journey."
The actress cited filming the book's integral scene on Chicago's famous Navy Pier -- Ferris wheel as her favorite moment in the film -- as well as one of her favorite moments in her life. The big-budget, action-based picture is a far cry from some of Woodley's previous roles, which include "The Descendents" and next month's "The Spectacular Now." For the actress and her co-stars, many of whom are largely unknown actors, "Divergent" was a chance to experience new methods of filmmaking.
"Green-screen acting is by far way more difficult than human interaction," Woodley said. "I'd never done a movie of this scale before with themes that are somewhat different than the world we live in today. So it was challenging for me I found because I had to erase my previous notions of acting, which is generally reacting off of somebody else, and create a new world and adapt my style of artistry to what we were doing."
An adaptation of the series' second book, "Insurgent," is expected for 2015.
Roth said she has been present on set and feels that the film remains true to her original text. The author confirmed that the final book, "Allegiant," will be written from two perspectives: Tris and her love interest Four, who is played in the film by Theo James. But since the third book in the series will be released October 22, 2013, the actors and filmmakers still don't know the final fate of the characters.
"Not everyone on this panel lives," said Miles Teller, who plays Peter, as he motioned to the 10 cast members at the press conference. "But I'm excited."